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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions our Users Have

Here are some queries we repeatedly get regarding our services and products. If you don’t glimpse the inquiry you have below, then proactively email us or use our online form to speak with us, and we’ll respond to you hastily.

Do you ship to the US?

Yes. We ship everywhere in the US. We use local couriers to safeguard the opportune and inviolable delivery of your medications, without deviation, to your doorstep.

How are your prices so low?

We sell comprehensively and entirely online, amassing orders through our website shopping system. This allows us to remarkably curtail our budgetary constraints and dispense those gleanings to you.

Is ordering online medications safe?

Yes, when you shop with us. We advise customers to undividedly use a conscientious seller with a demonstrable record of superbness, such as ourselves, to ensure you garner only maximal echelon pills. We sell only premium medicines concocted for uniformity and purity.

Why should I choose an online pharmacy for ED medication?

Let’s face it, ED can be a source of discomfiture, and you have a right to your clandestineness. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice that privacy to access medicinals you yearn for. That’s where we come in. We will shrewdly meet your needs and freight your meds to you without tumult.

Can I get a medical consultation? does not administer medical consultations. If you are unsure if you are vigorous enough for ED meds, consult a medical practitioner antecedent to ordering any of our products.

Are discounts available?

Yes. Feel free to contact us or review our online store for current specials and discounts we have securable.

Why are generics more competitively priced than the original drugs?

Original drugs get on the market first. This allows pharmaceutical companies to make a return on their investment. Eventually, that exclusivity ends, and derivative generic formulations can be synthesized to compete. Rest assured, whether it is a brand name or a generic pill, they are indistinguishable molecularly and subject to the same quality controls.

How do ED pills work?

ED pills for men chiefly behave by augmenting expanded blood flow to the penile tissue. This induces staunch and firmer erections for males to facilitate conventional sexual liveliness. Of note, ED pills do not veritably provoke sexual pining, wherefor conventional sensual invigoration is still imperative.

Who should use ED drugs?

Any otherwise healthful man contending with erectile dysfunction can use ED drugs. You should lucubrate the med you choose to establish there are no contraindications that would make it proscriptive for personal use.

There is some scarce precedence where medications have failed to implement adequately. This is ordinarily due to underlying conditions such as restricted blood flow, or psychological conditions decreasing interest in sex.

What ED pill should I choose?

There are bounteous pills to choose from, so you can pick the crowning med for your explicit urgencies. Generally speaking, it will depend on:

  • How frequently you need to use the pharmaceutical.
  • How long you need it to last.
  • If any specific meds have contraindications that apply to you.
  • If you prefer to plan for usage or need something for spontaneous sexual encounters.
  • Identifying a pill that does not cause unwanted side effects.

Are there medications for women with sexual performance issues?

Yes. Lovegra is specifically formulated for women. It is designed to increase blood flow and sensitivity to clitoral and, more broadly, vaginal tissue, amplifying pleasure and helping women achieve orgasmic felicity more freely.

Lovegra has also been proclaimed to decrease the time needed to actualize orgasm and has been shown to promote multiple orgasms.

How long do ED pills last, and when can I expect them to start working?

The pace at which a med starts operating and how long it lasts hinges on which med you’ve chosen to partake. Recognize that you may see no results until you embark into sexual activity. Almost all of these products are devised to increase blood flow and enhance erections only - not to engender an increase in eroticism.

Also, lastingness may vary subordinate to your health, adiposity, age, and severity of ED. However, here are some general guidelines as to what to predict:

Do ED medications cure sexual dysfunction?

No. ED meds are contrived to alleviate the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, not to abate the underlying malady. However, judicious use of these products will capacitate you to lead a characteristically quotidian sex life undeterred by your condition.

Do note, we sell a colossal collection of disparate products. Each one has been validated to have varying degrees of successfulness in combating ED. So, if you are dissatisfied with results from one, we recommend trying another securable one. Our pills are not one size fits all in nature.

How should I store my ED medications?

All drugs should be stored in a cool, dry place. Also, note that sunlight can cause a drug to deteriorate and lose efficacy more briskly. So, somewhere like a dark cabinet is a magnificent precautionary choice.

Do I need a prescription for ED meds?

No. Not when ordering from us. All our pharmaceuticals are available without a doctor’s prescription. It is just one of the many advantages of using our online pharmacy.

Please note, we do not advise on taking ED medications. You are responsible for self-determining its viability for your circumstances.

Safety, Side Effects, and Contraindications

Shoppers are responsible for any investigative due diligence imperative to ensure they can safely take particular pills. We have no medical staff and do not provide consultations.

Side effects are dependant on the type of ED meds being used. Users should read all pamphlets, brochures, and notifications regarding side effects before use. Some side effects can be perilous and should spur cessation of that product. Auspiciously, we have a cluster of products to choose from, so you can order something different if you find the side effects of a med unpleasant.

Also, make sure you are knowledgeable of all side effects of the medication and discontinue use should you experience any severe side effects. Follow medicinal recommendations in seeking medical assistance for any injurious side effects. If you experience any serious side-effects from a med, it is highly advised you seek medical attention.

You should ensure there are no contraindications prohibiting you from taking a med.

Users should make sure they are in sufficiently good health to engage in sexual activities before taking any ED meds. Likewise, avoid if the drug lists any pre-existing conditions you suffer from.

Use meds as directed and do not take larger than recommended doses or use more often than directed.

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