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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of tantamount importance to us. We recognize there is a sensitive nature to our clients visiting and purchasing from us. In concordance with our defense of your privacy, we have developed a comprehensive privacy policy to protect you, our valued customers. Our commitment to your privacy begins with us being responsible custodians of your data.

While it is impossible to provide one hundred percent, universally effectual security on the internet, we diligently make every effort to instill confidence in our clients that we proactively monitor and defend their information, treating it as vitally as you would. To that end, we have crafted a policy that is not only rich in effectual administrative efforts but also exceedingly heavy in both technical and material security layers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our policies, we invite you to communicate them through email or using our online response form and we'll make a concerted effort to respond to your queries and address and allay your concerns.

Customer Agreement

By purchasing from our site, you agree for us to collect all information necessary to process and deliver your order. Information includes, but is not limited to, your name, e-mail, address, city, state, zip code, phone number, and credit card information. This requisite information is indispensable in order for us to conclude standard business with our clients.

You also promise that all identifying and financial information you provide is truthful, complete, and accurate. If you provide inaccurate information, our company cannot be held liable for the failure of your orders to arrive properly at your designated address, nor can we be responsible for delays in delivery resultant from inaccuracies on shipping labels caused by consumers.

Minimum Age

By purchasing from our site, you agree you are 18 years of age, or older in such cases the age to use our site is higher in your state or nation. If we find any user is below the legal age (a minor) to use our site, we will make every reasonable attempt to remove any information we have collected pertaining to that person.


In order to protect your privacy and personal information, we utilize industry-standard, SSL/TLS (Secure Socket Layer/Transport Layer Security) 2048-bit encryption. This is to provide you with peace of mind that your sensitive data is protected on its way to us for processing.

Once data arrives on our website, we protect it through multiple layers of security, including access control procedures, firewalls, administrative level security, and physical security measures.

Your Security Responsibilities

While we make every effort to keep our client’s data secure, maintaining the secrecy of your password is necessarily your responsibility. cannot be held responsible for any use of your account. If you think your account has been compromised in any way, e-mail our customer service immediately and describe the issue accurately in the Subject line.

Faithfully consider that the initial line of good individual security defense is the selection of a robust and unique password. A mixture of cases, numbers, and unique symbols will add a hearty layer of complexity to a password, making it far more defensible against common password cracking automated attacks using brute force methodologies. We also discourage inclusion of personal information or standard words which malignant actors might use to guess your password.

Jurisdictional Issues

By using our website, you affirm you reside in a region to legally do so. Users are responsible for identifying and observing whatever local laws which reside in their jurisdiction. While we can broadly maintain the where products might be legally shipped, some local ordinances in any specific local may preclude certain delivery. Thus, it is the responsibility of shoppers to ascertain whether any such peculiarities in local regulations should exist within any particular locale that may be pertinent. Additionally, we do not track particular laws that may come into effect pursuant to modifications in local statutes that may retroactively modify the legality of some shipments.

Marketing and User Data Usage

We may use your personal information to contact you regarding special offers or sales on our products. However, we will not share your personal data with a third-party. We do not sell, trade, or disseminate our customer data.

We will only share your data when legally required to do so; when we need to protect the integrity or rights of our website or property; or we find that your usage of our website violates our terms of usage or guidelines regarding our products.

Data Retention will retain your information for as long as they deem necessary. This may be for legal purposes; to continue to provide you with products, services, and updates; or to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding our products or services.

While we do not gratuitously observe overly permissive retention policies, we do not set hard limitations on the longevity of our retention of data which might be for internal necessities pertaining to the proper operations of our business.

Additionally, the removal of data from our active system does not necessarily constitute the unqualified destruction of data, as copies may be stored on safeguarded backup archives for disaster recovery utility. However, our backups are stored with the same extraordinary stratum of security our live site receives. Physical security dimensions are likewise employed to buttress the defense of any electronic archives offsite in the event of a misadventure compelling exhaustive restores of our systems at an alternate site.

Changes to this Policy reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy without notice. At such time a revision is posted; it will apply to all currently held user data we maintain, regardless of when it was received. We also reserve the right to remove your information at our sole discretion at any time.

As a dynamic company in the pharmaceutical industry, responsiveness to shifting needs and markets is a hallmark of our enterprise. Congruently, this occasionally necessitates both subtle and more seismic changes in operations to respond to market dynamism. To keep our elite competitiveness we reserve the right to restructure as needed, which may occasionally impact the standardization we currently implement. This may invariably include evolutions in not only our procedures but our policies as well.

Feel free to revisit this policy page on occasion to stay abreast of momentous deviations in our protocols that may impact you. Ideally, any requisite mutations to our business model will be functionally transparent to our users. But the reality is that innovation invariably ensues and some customers may be collaterally impacted in unforeseen occurrences and we strive to mitigate or lessen such odious impactfulness by persevering to keep our users educated on any contemporary redeployment of policy.

Issues or Complaints

Any complaints or issues should be brought to our attention via e-mail notification. Please state your issue clearly in the Subject line for the swiftest, most accurate assistance. Except when forbidden by law, we strive to respond to all inquiries involving our services and policies.

E-mail and our online form are our exclusive means of usual contact with our customers, so are monitored continuously. Satisfaction is our driving goal, so you can reasonably expect a satisfactory answer to anything you might write to us regarding our products and services.

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